2016 was a life-changing year for me. I fell in love with working out., changed my lifestyle to plant-based and got healthy. All thanks to some wonderful people I met along my journey. 


After spending a great deal of time in the gym, I encountered unappealing odors around me. This, along with my background as a Physician Assistant specializing in Infectious diseases for the last 13+ years, motivated me to create a product as a preventative measure. Due to the excess sweating/toxin release from exercising/increased activity which mixes with the normal skin flora, an odor is created, especially in the areas that have apocrine glands.


After extensive research, I created an anti-odor cream with both antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. The cream was reviewed by a board-certified pharmacist, Dr. Steve Mok, who gave a stamp of approval. This gave birth to GenEsscents, a company with products providing essential scents for specific hygienic needs. I hope you find pleasure in our products and that it changes your life as it changed mine! Be confident, be free!