What are the ingredients used to make GenEsscents deodorant?

Our base formula includes raw alkaline coconut oil, mango butter, zinc, arrowroot powder, vitamin E oil, and synthetic free fragrance.

What are the ingredients used to make GenEsscents anti-odor cream?

Our base formula include mango butter, avocado butter, raw alkaline coconut oil, vitamin E oil, vegetable glycerin, witch hazel, and essential oils. Our extra strength formula also has zinc. Our vegetarian formula also has beeswax.

Why no baking soda?

Baking soda is a harsh ingredient which increases the body's pH, can cause rashes and other skin irritation. The body functions in a more healthy state in more alkaline conditions.

Why does the deodorant have zinc?

Zinc has odor-blocking properties to assist in keeping you fresh! Zinc is safe and effective, even for those with sensitive skin as it does not have traces of aluminum nor parabens. Many people are zinc deficient as our foods are grown in mineral deficient soil. Zinc is an essential mineral to your immune system so why not get some added benefits in the products you place on your largest organ, the skin!

Are GenEsscents products antiperspirants?

No, our products do not contain aluminum which is what is used to create antiperspirants. Antiperspirants changes the body's natural sweating process by blocking apocrine glands. Its important for the body to sweat as this is the body's natural method for thermoregulation. Additionally, this is the body's natural way to release toxins from the body and keep you in a balanced state.