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Travel Variety Bundle

Travel Variety Bundle

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Can't decide or just want to try several at a time? Try our travel size variety bundle to arouse your senses! This package includes the following five:

- Tropical Passion

- Tranquility

- Blissful Caress

- Caribbean Infusion

- Island Breeze


Ambience: An infusion of golden amber and coconuts for a mello fresh fall scent

Blissful Caress: An infusion of Vanilla and a dallop of sandalwood whisks you away in total bliss. Our men's favorite scent!

Caribbean Infusion: An infusion of coconuts and fragrance to give you refreshing beachy experience all day

Dream: A refreshing everyday scent of freshness

Island Breeze: An infusion of tropical pineapple scents to give you an island escape

Tranquility: An infusion of lavender fragrance to give a sense of freshness, peace and calm throughout your day

Tropical Passion: An infusion of tropical mango scent to keep you fresh all day

Unscented: A fragrant free option that still gives you the power of freshness all day - proof that GenEsscents is the perfect scent with no scent!

How to use

Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight or extremely hot conditions.

Apply directly to armpits with 1-2 strokes. Apply to unbroken skin.

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