Do you struggle with bromhidrosis (body odor)?

Do you struggle with bromhidrosis (body odor)?

Did you ever wonder why the “funk" comes when you sweat? The world is full of toxins! From the air we breathe to the food we eat to the products we use. But if we are taking in all of these toxins, how do they come out?

Well, the body is the ultimate machine - an intriguing and intricate system in that everything works together to keep your wonderfully created self functioning the way it was meant. With that said, toxins are released one of three ways: through defecation, urination and perspiration.

Let’s focus our topic on perspiration.

The body has a special way of auto thermoregulation which is the method of keeping the body temperature at a healthy state. When the heat rises, we perspire to cool off

while also releasing toxins. The body has a special type of gland called the apocrine gland which are heavily located in the groin and in the armpits. The sweat works it way through these glands to the surface of the skin producing the beautiful flow of toxic waste we call perspiration. While working through the glands, the sweat is odor free. But once it reaches the skin’s surface it encounters a multiple array of normal skin flora – bacteria such as corynebacterium, propionibacterium acne, and staph. The bacteria then starts to decompose which in turns produces that odor we know as

B.O. So as you can see, it’s not the sweat, it’s not the bacteria, but rather the meeting of the two leading to a decomposition reaction.

Where GenEsscents helps.

GenEsscents works right where it’s suppose to at this level! GenEsscents doesn’t change the body chemistry riding you of your normal flora nor does it block your pores like antiperspirants! GenEsscents combination of ingredients works with the body to cleanse, moisturize, decrease inflammation, and naturally block odor! All ingredients are from nature allowing nature to work with nature as it was meant to do. All while keeping the body in a healthy state and providing the consumer a confidently,

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