When switching from antiperspirant to natural deodorant, a 2 to 4 week transition time is reasonable to anticipate. Contingent on your body chemistry, each detoxification step may be different.



Deodorant is regarded as an OTC medication in the United States and Canada. You could use natural deodorant for a few days or even a week without seeing much difference between the two. Your body will undoubtedly get accustomed to antiperspirant if you have been using it for years. This occurs as a result of the aluminum components in deodorant constricting your underarm pores and forming a gel-like clog. It takes time for this to go away.




You may notice a significant rise in the odor-causing bacterium in the underarm region once you stop using antiperspirant. Your pores are simply unclogging. Since your body is sweating, and that is entirely normal and natural, you could also detect more wetness.


It's crucial to understand that this increase in bacteria that cause odors won't remain forever and is only a byproduct of the detox process that occurs after you stop using the antiperspirant. Bacteria naturally live on the skin. Sweat doesn't smell but once the sweat is released from the apocrine gland and touches the skin surface, a natural decomposition of the skin bacteria occurs which produces a byproduct of odor. This will eventually fade. Just simply reapply your natural deodorant and move on with your day.



The number of bacteria may start to decline. The bacterial flora can achieve a new equilibrium and stop overproducing odor-producing microorganisms. This indicates that you will notice a surplus in odor reduction.


Moisture levels in the underarms will return to normal. Sweating beneath your arms may take some getting accustomed to. Natural deodorant powder such as arrowroot found in GenEsscents deodorant might assist in absorbing that moisture. Your new best buddies are natural fibers like cotton, bamboo, and linen since they are considerably more breathable and do not trap perspiration or bacteria.



Your body ought to be completely used to using natural deodorant. While the detox phase may be shorter or longer for certain people ,your body's ability to regulate itself can take up to 30 days,. To eliminate everyday body odor, you may keep applying natural deodorant daily.

The phases of detox may seem too frightening for some individuals to begin, but once you understand you are choosing a better lifestyle every day for the rest of your life, it is well worth it. Fortunately, you may take a few more steps to ease the detox process.


Be Cautious Of Painful Armpit Irritation

This two-step approach is a tried-and-true technique that, when you make the transition to natural deodorant, will help you avoid odor breakthrough throughout the day.


Bacteria + sweat = stink. With a natural soap, start by getting rid of the germs that cause odors in the shower. It will substantially alleviate concerns about being smelly if you briefly eliminate the additional germs your body creates throughout the detox.


Apply a charcoal detox of your choosing next that doesn't include baking soda to continue removing impurities from your pores and odor all day.

While you cleanse, have a travel-sized deodorant on hand to touch up during the day.


After using deodorant, dust the underarms with a natural starch powder, like cornstarch or arrowroot powder. As your body flushes out all the toxins held inside, the starch will aid in absorbing some of the extra dampness you might experience.


Don't Give Up


You'll regret it if you give up. Be persistent and stick it through to the end. Stay well informed and use the right products. Just remember the body is detoxing. The bacterial populations beneath your arms are changing, but it doesn't happen immediately, so your natural deodorant isn't causing you to smell worse! Your body may need up to 30 days to detox from aluminum entirely.


GenEsscents All Natural Products

Why not use natural and safe deodorants for you and your body? Try GenEssents products. You only need to use 1-2 swipes for all-day protection. Natural fragrances, or fragrances created by essential oils, evoke a ton of freshness throughout the day. When your body heats up, plant-based compounds designed for defense will increase. Non-harsh ingredients are included in the formulation for even the most delicate skin. It contains zinc to keep you feeling fresh and neutralize odors all day, at any level of activity.

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