Why Are We So Perplexed With Aluminum?

Let’s start with understanding what aluminum is. Remember that chemistry class with that periodic table? Wait. That’s probably a memory you choose not to have! All those numbers and letters were the headache of your day.


Well for scientist and chemist, it still plays a huge role in our every day life. With building and creating everything from the household products we use, to the cars we drive to the construction site we pass by everyday in the center of our city.


Aluminum is a chemical element with the code Al and atomic number 13. It’s a metal. A versatile metal which can be cast, melted, formed, machined and manufactured into a variety of ways to suit a variety of uses. Aluminum is so great that you can use that aluminum pot to cook your family a nice meal then turn around and use that aluminum antiperspirant on your armpits to keep you from sweating! Sounds good doesn’t it? Only if you are really living la vida loca!


Let’s ponder on that Aluminum in deodorant. A metal blocking sweat pores to keep you from sweating. But sweat is the way we release the toxins we are exposed to in our everyday life. So if we are using aluminum, we are holding onto toxins and what are those toxins doing to our bodies? Is this what’s causing inflammation? Cancer? Disease? Is there a better way?


Absolutely. All you need is a deodorant. A simple method to keep you fresh when you naturally sweat. No pore blocking, no harsh metals, no long term attachment to unnecessary toxins.


Living in the days where information is right at our fingertips, it is just too easy to learn and understand why we should and should not go on using products that are just poor to our health. Those things we can control, we should. As there are just so much we cannot. I always say, you only have one body, so take care of it.  It’s better to invest in your health now by making better choices instead of waiting until problems arise. Health is Wealth!


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