The All- Natural Solution to Armpit Odor

The All- Natural Solution to Armpit Odor

If you've ever been caught on a crowded bus on a hot day at nose-level with someone's exposed armpit, you’re practically guaranteed to catch the smell of someone’s body order. And it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have poor hygiene. Most people sweat, especially under the arms. It’s natural for people to want a fresh smelling body. Your underarms are home to a number of lymph nodes that are part of a body’s immune system. In addition, the armpits are also home to a high density of sweat glands designed to keep you cool. When bacteria interact with sweat, it can and does cause body odor.

GenEsscents began with a simple mission: to create a natural, healthy way for people to stay fresh and feel good at any level of activity. Whether simply working, working out, enjoying a warm sunny day, or just in moments of increased perspiration... our products were was made to serve everyone, gender-inclusive. Our chemical-free, plant based deodorizers provide an all natural way to block odor so that you can stay fresh and confident and free all day!

Good hygiene goes a long way towards preventing underarm odor. A daily shower with soap, and showering after strenuous activity helps rid the body of bacteria and odor-causing sweat. In addition, loose fitting fabrics, especially those made of cotton, go far towards absorbing sweat-causing moisture and bacteria. It has also been found that shaving or waxing the armpits significantly reduced armpit odor, since doing so is more effective on shaved or waxed skin.

At GenEsscents, we take armpits seriously and want them to be as attractive and healthy as they can be. That’s why we developed our range of skin-loving deodorants. All products are organic and safe for skin and body — aluminum free, paraben free, no baking soda, no synthetic fragrances. For more information, contact us today!

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