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A Promise From Us to You

GenEsscents began with a simple mission: To create a natural, healthy way for people to stay fresh and feel good at any level of activity. Without compromise.

Whether simply working, working out, enjoying a warm sunny day, or just having moments of increased perspiration... GenEsscents was made to serve everyone, gender-inclusive.

Our chemical-free, plant based deodorizers were created to provide an all natural way to block odor so that you can stay fresh, confident and free all day! 

No more frustration with natural deodorants. No more rock-hard applications. No more irritating ingredients. No more lack of quality ingredients. 

Odor Over with GenEsscents! 


Meet Our Founder


2016 was a life-changing year for me. I fell in love with working out., changed my lifestyle to plant-based and got healthy. All thanks to some wonderful people I met along my journey. 

After spending a great deal of time in the gym, I encountered unappealing odors around me. This, along with my background as a Physician Assistant specializing in Infectious diseases for the last 13+ years, motivated me to create a product as a preventative measure.

Due to the excess sweating/toxin release from exercising/increased activity which mixes with the normal skin flora, an odor is created, especially in the areas that have apocrine glands.

After extensive research, I created an anti-odor cream with both antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

The cream was reviewed by a board-certified pharmacist, Dr. Steve Mok, who gave a stamp of approval.

This gave birth to GenEsscents, a company with products providing essential scents for specific hygienic needs.

I hope you find pleasure in our products and that it changes your life as it changed mine!

Be confident, be free!