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Imperium Deodorant (2.5 oz)

Imperium Deodorant (2.5 oz)

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IMPERIUM by GenEsscents is the answer to your search for an effective underarm deodorant that is completely plant-based, chemical free, preservative free AND without baking soda nor aluminum!

In addition, Imperium means POWER! Our deodorant has added zinc to further combat odor while protecting the skin!

Better yet, no staining! Take that for an all, natural solution! 


100% Raw, alkaline coconut oil, Mango butter, Candelilla wax, Zinc oxide powder, Zinc ricinoleate, Vitamin E oil, Arrowroot powder, Essential oils 

Imperium Deodorant Scents

Ambience: Warm, exotic scent with amber and sandalwood notes

Blissful Caress: Rich, woodsy scent with vanilla and sandalwood. Our men's favorite scent!

Caribbean Infusion: Exotic, mild scent with coconut and vanilla notes

Island Breeze: Fresh,clean coconut scent with vanilla bean and pineapple notes

Paradise: Aromatic, green scent with rose, geranium and vanilla notes

Tranquility: Calm, refreshing scent with lavender notes

Tropical Passion: Light, breezy coconut scent with vanilla bean and mango notes

Unscented: A fragrant free option that still gives you the power of freshness all day - proof that GenEsscents is the perfect scent with no scent!

How to use

Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight or extremely hot conditions.

Anti-odor Cream:

Apply directly under skin folds and along the groin as well as the gluteal region. Apply to unbroken skin. External use only.

Imperium Deodorant:

Apply directly under armpit with 1-2 swipes. Apply to unbroken skin. External use only.

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