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GenEsscents Gift Card

GenEsscents Gift Card

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Give the gift of health! Spread the love of being GenEsscents #Fresh with the ones you love!

Imperium Deodorant Scents

Ambience: Warm, exotic scent with amber and sandalwood notes

Blissful Caress: Rich, woodsy scent with vanilla and sandalwood. Our men's favorite scent!

Caribbean Infusion: Exotic, mild scent with coconut and vanilla notes

Island Breeze: Fresh,clean coconut scent with vanilla bean and pineapple notes

Paradise: Aromatic, green scent with rose, geranium and vanilla notes

Tranquility: Calm, refreshing scent with lavender notes

Tropical Passion: Light, breezy coconut scent with vanilla bean and mango notes

Unscented: A fragrant free option that still gives you the power of freshness all day - proof that GenEsscents is the perfect scent with no scent!

How to use

Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight or extremely hot conditions.

Anti-odor Cream:

Apply directly under skin folds and along the groin as well as the gluteal region. Apply to unbroken skin. External use only.

Imperium Deodorant:

Apply directly under armpit with 1-2 swipes. Apply to unbroken skin. External use only.

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